ISO /IEC 20000 Certification

IT Service Management

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The international standard is created ISO 20000 for IT service management, & offers organizational certification & it was the first IT service management. It was developed in 2005 by ISO & revised in 2011. ISO 20000 is comprised of two parts: a specification for IT Service Management (ISO 20000-1) & a code of practice for service management (ISO 20000-2).

The benefits of ISO 20000

  • Increase quality of higher IT service
  • Increases customer satisfaction with an ability to meet customer requirements
  • Renovate user productivity
  • Improve corporate image
  • Helps your company in benchmarking its IT service management
  • Independent assessment through designed framework
  • Detract the amount of supplier audits, thereby reducing costs
  • Ability to select & manage external service providers more effectively

Who is it suitable to?

Any size of organization, large or small, in any sector or part of the world which is associated with IT services ISO 20000 is applicable. This is an appropriate standard for internal IT service providers & external IT service providers.

Process of certification:

  • Fill up the questionnaire
  • Apply for an assessment
  • Conduct an optional pre-audit
  • Conduct an initial audit (stage 1)
  • Conduct the certification audit (stage 2)
  • Conduct surveillance audits
  • Conduct the re-certification audits

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