ISO 22000

Food Safety Management System

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The international standards created ISO 22000 Certificate for food safety management. In this standard, requirements are generic & can be applied to any size of the organization, in the supply chain - from farmers to food services, to processing, transportation, storage, retail & packaging. It is an international certification standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system. The goal of ISO 22000 is to control, & reduce to an acceptable level, any safety hazards identified for the end products delivered to the next step of the food chain. We represent our self as a Infomatics Consultancy Company who deal in ISO Certification services.

ISO 22000 & HACCP

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point was developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission & it is a systematic preventing approach to food safety. At all stages of the food chain the HACCP can be used from food production to distribution. HACCP systems must be based on the seven principles articulated by the NACMCF. The seven principles are:

(1) hazard analysis, (2) critical control point identification, (3) establishment of critical limits, (4) monitoring procedures, (5) corrective actions, (6) record keeping, & (7) verification procedures.


  • Help to maintain food safety management system
  • Provide assurance about quality, safety & measurement
  • Business can compete in the market
  • Ensure for safety food
  • Better utilization of products
  • Increased profits
  • Reduce foodborne diseases

Applicability of the st & ard

There are many other food safety standards available, but most of them are limited in scope. ISO 22000 is the only one to cover all organizations that produce, manufacture, handle, or supply food or feed, such as:

  • Agricultural producers
  • Feed & food manufacturers
  • Processors
  • Food outlets & caterers
  • Retailers
  • Service providers
  • Transportation operators
  • Storage providers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Biochemical manufacturers
  • Packaging material manufacturers

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